Services we offer

Agroforestry development planning

Comprehensive project planning includes: use of our proprietary extensive dataset with hundreds of species and dozens of planting patterns to develop site specific plans, including financial analysis, management scheduling, and maps of all essential elements (soil, water, topography, etc.). In addition, we also provide staff training and installation planning.


Diversification of existing crops in agroforestry

For increased yields per acre of a current mono- or polyculture, complete your crop portfolio with  complementary crops through time to positively impact the total productivity and bottom line of your project. 


Food forests for home food and nutrition security

We will help you design and plant a food forest specific to your backyard and dietary needs. Create a menu, and plant it!


Agroforestry Learning Gardens™

Agro-educational-ecosystems designed with young, spirited learning about agroforestry in mind. Perfect for schools, neighborhoods, and community centers to support learning about regenerative agroforestry practices across generations.


Regenerative Agroforestry Trainings

Professional development training based on a curriculum developed over the past 30 years in Agroforestry Design for Regenerative Production. We offer exclusive trainings for our clients with large acreage, for community-based service groups, and others upon request.