Our team

Craig Elevitch, PhD has worked in agroforestry since 1991. He has consulted for numerous landowners and managers, including authoring dozens of agroforestry, Forest Stewardship, and native forest dedication plans throughout Oceania and the tropics. Craig’s internationally recognized publications and workshops have guided thousands in becoming more proficient in regenerative agroforestry and reforestation. He has published 14 books including Agroforestry Guides for Pacific Islands (2000), Traditional Trees of Pacific Islands: Their culture, environment, and use (2006), Specialty Crops for Pacific Islands (2011), Agroforestry Landscapes for Pacific Islands: Creating abundant and resilient food systems (2015), and Agroforestry Design for Regenerative Production (2020, in press). His agroforestry publications have been downloaded millions of times. In addition to working directly with dozens of growers, consultants, and educators, he has facilitated over 180 agroforestry workshops in the Pacific, with over 8,000 producers and resource professionals participating since 1993. He is also co-director of Ho‘oulu ka ‘Ulu—Revitalizing Breadfruit and agroforestry director of the Pacific Regional Breadfruit Initiative, projects founded in 2010 to restore breadfruit agroforests in Pacific Island landscapes. He was honored with the Shining Stars of Oceania award in 2019 and the Global Aloha 'Aina 'Ohana award in 2016. Craig holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering (Systems) from Cornell University for research focusing on agroforestry growth modeling

Sophia Bowart, BFA, MBA is committed to regenerating degraded lands using successional agroforestry and teaching such techniques to the world.  After being introduced to this work by Ernst Gotsch, Dr. Craig Elevitch and her husband, Neil Logan, Sophia has been implementing successional agroforestry techniques on Mohala Lehua Farm in North Kohala, Hawaii since 2008. In addition to converting former pastureland into a diverse, multistory agroforest, she has been developing a range of value-added-products from the farm in order to offset the cost of planting and maintenance. Over the last 10 years, Sophia has developed techniques for elucidating financial analysis of complex agro-ecosystems throughout the project lifecycle. She recently published an in-depth financial analysis guide for multistory agroforestry (Bowart and Logan 2020) and is currently Research Analyst and Project Administrator for the NRCS-PIA project “Pacific Island CIG agroforestry design tools and professional development workshops” (2018–2020). 

Neil Logan is a specialist in the research and development of natural products and the agro-ecological and socio-cultural contexts that support them. To this end, Neil develops, whole systems that integrate information technology and agro-ecosystems. With agroforestry experience on three continents, in both arid and wet conditions, temperate to tropical, Neil is also trained in western herbalism, natural products development (25 years experience), and in relational database and web-based software systems. From 2000-2002, Neil developed an on-line relational database for the Greater Southwest bioregion, creating a novel system for organizing and managing natural and cultural resources.  From 2001- present, Neil is a teacher of agroforestry, horticulture, mycoculture and information technology via workshops, lectures, publications and presentations. In 2006, Neil founded the ecological consulting firm, Integrated Living Systems Design LLC, where he focused on the development of living fuel breaks and fire mitigation for clients in arid lands of Hawaii. He now co-directs FARM Center with his wife, Sophia Bowart. Most recently, Neil co-authored the forthcoming book Agroforestry Design for Regenerative Production (2020, in press) and Kiawe: A Prosopis in Hawaii (2020, in press). He is also Lead Developer for the 2018–2020 NRCS-PIA project “Pacific Island CIG agroforestry design tools and professional development workshops”.

Our team has over 70 years combined experience in agroforestry education, design, and field implementation and management. We specialize in increasing the capacity of those we work with.