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The description 'regenerative' as applied agriculture means that conditions improve year after year—higher soil quality, more biodiversity, better water holding capacity, increased resilience to weather extremes, and greater total productivity.


We assist you in growing your capacity to achieve economically and ecologically regenerative systems.  

Better outcomes through Design

Careful, thoughtful planning increases the likelihood of positive outcomes and helps avoid common pitfalls. A well crafted design takes account of the site conditions, grower goals, and financial considerations in holistic analysis. We facilitate the process of design to build your skills in planning for regenerative, financially feasible agroforestry systems.   

Three areas of evaluation—social, environmental, and financial—are used to assess project outcomes on an on-going basis. Successful outcomes in these three areas are essential to the long-term viability of a project.

Agroforestry is an ancient agricultural practice, but many of the skills have been lost over the past 100 years of single-crop agriculture. Training is an on-going process of learning time-tested methods, while always seeking improvements through management innovations.


Next workshop begins week of August 16, 2021: "Grow Your Family-Friendly Food Forest Online Workshop". Apply to participate.

Increased efficiency via training

Improvements by evaluation

Improve the bottom line for yourself and Nature